Time To Go Outside Chicks

Finally the weather has warmed up some. Spring feels like it actually might be here to stay. Its been a cold early spring for North Carolina and because of that our broiler chicks have spent the first three weeks of their life indoors in our large brooder pen. When we first get our chicks they're only a few days old so they have to stay in a brooder pen for the first couple weeks till they get large enough to be transferred outside to the movable coops. It also helps to make sure they are good and healthy from being shipped to us. 

But todays is the day. The weather is good and the chicks are too. Time to put on your big boy pants and go outside chicks. Life is going to be real good now.


We like to joke that the chicks are always stunned when they first get moved to the big outdoor coops. They've never seen grass before and they aren't quite sure what to make of it! It always feels real good to see them after a couple days of getting used to life in the big outdoors, scratching around, pecking at bugs and doing all the normal things that chickens do. It feels good to give these chickens a real life. A real space to walk around in, to be able to scratch and peck the ground. Most commercial raised chickens are crammed into large, dark row houses and are never allowed to see the light of day let alone grass. 

We Move the chicks to the outdoor coop using these large crates, After we make Stone and Gage pick up every single one by hand.

We Move the chicks to the outdoor coop using these large crates, After we make Stone and Gage pick up every single one by hand.

Our chickens are raised for a couple weeks in a large brooder pen and are then transferred to an large movable steel coop. it has a roll on tarp roof that allows for easy access into the coop. It is large enough to hold up to 100 chickens but we only keep about 60 in it at a time. This particular breed of chicken is a fast growing meat bird so it has reached our targeted weight after  6-8 weeks of eating our own Non GMO feed that we grow and make ourselves. Let me tell you they make some of the best fried chicken you've ever had. 


So many people have been reaching out about purchasing our chickens so lets take a minute to explain how this works a little better. 

PRE-ORDER: Just like when purchasing our beef, Pre-ordering chickens is the best way to guarantee that you will receive all the chickens you want to purchase. For example, we open pre-ordering a week before we order chicks. When we have collected all the orders we calculate the amount and only add a few more birds to the order (if we have 40 birds pre-ordered we order 50). This allows us to stock a few birds for sale after they're processed but not many. This is why we sell out so quickly. So many of our customers feel like they can only pre-order if they are purchasing a large amount of birds. This is not true, you can order as little as one bird during pre-ordering. 

Purchase at the farm after processing: We always have some birds left over that are available to be purchased without ordering first. You simply call and arrange a time to pick up what you want out of what is left available. Please understand though that our inventory is very limited since we are still growing this part of our business. To see prices click on "order" at the top right of the website and click on chicken. 


We love raising these birds and we know you will love eating them just as much! Give us a call at 


ask for Tia Barrier


Now get outside and enjoy this weather! Send up a thank you to God for finally telling winter to take a hike. Our birds will thank you as they're chilling outside doing whatever it is that chickens want to do.  



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