Barrier Mills

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Barrier Mill is an extension of Barrier Farms.

Located across the street from the old homestead, its the family grain mill.


We raise all of our grain ourselves and turn it into animal feed for our own animals and to sell to the public.  Monday-Saturday you will almost always find a couple of us there bagging away custom made GMO free feeds.  We are a help yourself, honor system setup; you trust us to grow the grain, so we trust you to pay us.  For this reason, we require correct change when you arrive, and payment is only with cash or check.  We want to be able to service everyone in a timely and quick manner; therefore, if you would like to pick up more than 10 bags of one or more kinds of feed, we ask that you place an order with us at least 3 days in advance. To place an order contact

Landon Barrier, 704 791 5785.

We are located at  5360 Barrier Store Road, Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124. 10 minutes from the Cabarrus County Arena and events center. 

  • All feeds and grains are packaged in 50lb. bags

  • Sweet Feed- $11

  • Chicken Layer- $13

  • Chicken Scratch- $10

  • Chick Starter-$17

  • Chicken Broiler- $15

  • All Purpose Ground Feed- $8

  • Cracked Corn- $9

  • Whole Kernel Corn- $7

  • Wheat- $7

  • Oats- $10

  • Barley- $7

  • Hog Feed- $11

  • All Stock- $10

  • Milo- $7

  • Soybeans Ground- $15