Fried Chicken Tacos


Fried Chicken Tacos

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook Time: 30 mins

“I’m making fried chicken tacos for dinner.” Those are the words my husband dreams of hearing every night. Forget “I love you!” Those are his favorite 7 words ever! My Mom got this recipe from The Pioneer Woman and every since she first made them they were a HUGE hit in our family. When Levi and I were just dating and while we were engaged, he lived alone in his own house. My husband is many things, a hard worker, compassionate, funny, and a bit obnoxious, but he IS NOT good at making his own food! He can’t be bothered after working all day to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking. He survived off take out, sandwiches, frozen pizza, pre made fried chicken, and the leftovers his Mom and mine would send over for him. His favorite nights were when my Mom would send him a plate of these tacos. He still thinks about it and says thats what “got him through” those extremely rough times…did I mention he’s also dramatic sometimes?

Truly there is nothing difficult, fancy, or hard about these tacos! Its basically seasoned chicken that you put in a tortilla and fry…but I promise you they will shoot right up to your top favorite meals! I like serving mine with fresh pico and guacamole! If you want to learn how to make my pico, check out my recipe for Steak Fajitas! We love these all year round but especially in the summer. Its quick, easy, and super delicious!

For 12 tacos you’ll need:

4 small chicken breasts

12 soft tortillas (corn or flour but I prefer flour)

1 teaspoon of chills powder

1 teaspoon of garlic salt

1 teaspoon of cumin

Sour cream

Salsa of choice

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Frying oil

Begin by cutting up your chicken into bite size cubes. I try to aim for 1/2 an inch-1 inch in diameter. Heat up a pan with a couple tablespoons of butter, you can use oil if you want it to be a bit healthier but we are about to fry these bad boys so I wouldn’t worry too much about it! Start browning your chicken. Once its pretty much cooked entirely, add all your seasonings and mix well. Allow it to cook till fully done and then turn off the heat.


You can just use a taco seasonings pack!

same flavor, even fewer steps!

Heat up a separate large pan with a good frying oil(I use peanut oil), about 1/2 inch in the pan in the pan, while it’s heating up you can prep your tortillas. I mix sour cream and salsa together to spread onto the tortillas, you can change this if your family prefers different flavors. Once your oil is ready for some frying, fill each tortilla with chicken and fold it, then place into the oil using tongs. It doesn’t take long for them to brown up at all, by the time I’ve got 4 in the pan the first one is ready to flip.


My Sister, the pretty awesome kitchen helper!

My sister Taylor not only will help me in the kitchen when I need an extra set of hands, but she’s also my photographer for these “cooking days” and its actually her home we cook at! Talk about being a good sister!

This is the part though where it is nice to have a kitchen helper. Once your tacos are nice and brown on the sides, Take them out of the oil and slightly tilt to one side to drain the oil out. Then place it on paper towels and have your helper blot them down and top with cheese while you continue frying. We like using seriously sharp cheddar cheese for these but you can use any kind you like!

Once they are all fried and topped with cheese they are ready! We use fresh pico, guacamole, and lettuce for our toppings but use whatever your family likes! Super easy, super delicious!

Also featuring my super cute Mom who also comes along on cooking days! She’s the one responsible for teaching me and my Sister to love to cook.

Also featuring my super cute Mom who also comes along on cooking days! She’s the one responsible for teaching me and my Sister to love to cook.

Tia Barrier