The Farm Box

Something we’ve been working on here at Barrier Farms is our Farm Box club. A monthly box that can be delivered or picked up full of Barrier Farms meat at a discounted rate! We have it designed similar to a CSA and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback! We have 3 different sizes and each come with a dozen of eggs as well as a “farm product”. The Farm Product is a section of the box devoted to a local farm raised food related product and its honestly our favorite part! All the farms we use are customers of Barrier Farms and Barrier Mills and is a small way for us to give back and say “Thank you” for supporting us all these years! A dollar portion of each box is devoted to these products and is given back to the Farmer as is a way for us to help them reach more customers and advertise for their farms. During warm months its often fresh produce, and through colder months we have honey, homemade canned items and more. Little by little helping people get reconnected with the people who grow and raise their food and helping to support local buisness and agriculture.

We started out using cardboard boxes and packing the meat in plastic bags but as we grew, we noticed that the amount of plastic was growing and we were having to purchase large quantities of disposable items. This didn’t sit very well with us especially since we don’t ship our meats yet and the majority of our customers pick up our products directly from our farm. We didn’t need the use of disposable products to package these orders! This has lead to our farms meat department trying to become as low waste as possible starting in 2019. We can’t help how our meat is packaged due to government regulations but we sure as heck can managed how its packaged leaving our farm! Our small step towards this is reusable cloth bags. We hope to continue on with this idea with the addition of cooler insulated bags to hold all farm box orders as well as other areas of the farm that can use some help but we are excited about this small step we are able to take this year! All farm box orders are packaged up in these nice cloth bags with our logo on them(to take place of the labels on our boxes) and we gave away free ones the entire month of December to get everyone excited about this changed. The bags come to no cost to our Farm Box members and all our customers simply bring them bag to the farm on their next visit along with their egg cartons. No more plastic bags have been purchased for Barrier Farms this year, we are only using the cloth bags and plastic bags our customers bring us from other big box stores. We hope this also encourages our customers to bring along the bags to other grocery stores to cut down on even more waste!


The boxes come in the below sizes along with a rough estimate of weight. Barrier Farms chooses all cuts that go in the boxes every week similar in how a CSA works. We do allow you to add any extra items that are in stock as well as to decline any specific items from future boxes that you did not enjoy!

Small- $75 7-8 lbs

Large- $100 10-12 lbs

Large- $150 15-16 lbs

To sign up as a Farm Box member simply call/text Tia Barrier at 704-787-2614 and ask if there are any openings or we can add you to our waiting list! We also have an “alternates” list of people we contact first if there is a box up for grabs due to members skipping the month. No payment is required to secure your spot and you pay wen you pick up. Cancel at anytime or skip a month if you have too much meat at home! We look forward to adding even more cuts and types of meat as our farm expands!

Landon Barrier