100% Real Beef

100% Real Beef


When purchasing 1/4 of a cow or more, it is a  flat rate of $6.00 per lb. When purchasing smaller amounts, the price varies per pound. This is a perk of buying in bulk especially if you want to buy steaks or roast as it decreases the price by as much as half.

Below are the prices for orders under a 1/4 of a cow.

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Hamburger- $6 per lb. 

Stew Meat- $8 per lb.

Flank, Flap, Hanger, etc. - $9 per lb.

Skirt steak, Fajita Meat- $9 per lb.

Premium Roasts (top and bottom round)- $10 per lb.

London Broil- $7 per lb.

Pot Roasts (chuck, eye round. etc)- $10.00 per lb.

Sirloin Tip- $10 per lb.

Cube steak- $8 per lb



Ribeye- $15 per lb.  

NY strip- $12 per lb. 

Sirloin- $12 per lb.

T-bone- $14 per lb.

Porterhouse- $15 per lb.

Filet- $20 per lb (about 4 to a lb.)

Spare Ribs- $7 per lb.

Brisket- $8 per lb.

Beef Liver- $5 per lb.


The “Mini” Bulk order is combined from any or all of the below products listed. If you buy at least 50lbs of any of all items listed combined, you will be able to purchase them for our bulk order price at the flat rate of $6 per lb.

Items that qualify for the mini bulk order:


Ground beef

Stew meat

All roasts

Cube steak

Boneless skinless chicken breasts

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