We believe in food the way it should be. In today's world of unwrap and microwave, no one even knows what their food is, let alone where it comes from. They forget that the hamburger they ate two hours ago was actually once a living, breathing cow that spent its life growing and working to give life to others. Few people even know what their food looks like if its not wrapped in plastic sitting on a grocery store shelf. We grow our food the natural way. We let our chickens out of their cages and let the cows roam free to eat grass. After all, good farmers know if you take care of your animals, they will take care of you. It may be old-fashioned, but we like it that way.


Our Promise To You…

Rest assured, all of our animals receive the best care on our farm. From the day they are born(or arrive) till the day they leave us, they are kept on grass pasture, left to roam and grow to their hearts content. Regular human interaction means there is no fear of us even when we are handling them. While our breeding stock may need to be given medications or antibiotics in a life threatening situation, none of our animals in our meat program have ever been given any antibiotics or medications in their lifetime. While our pigs and chickens receive grain regularly, our steers are only grain finished at the end of their lives and all feed fed on the farm was grown right here and is certified GMO FREE. We pride ourselves on our honesty, and transparency with our customers about our way of life. We are your farmer, if you have any questions or concerns, our door is always open for you!

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